Monday, April 16, 2012

White liver...?

People have alot of opinions/advice/ideas/old wives tales when it comes to babies.
my favorite things I've heard so far...

"Letting her stand up on your lap will make her bow-legged"
             I'm prettty sure that my mother, and tons of other mothers have stood their babies on their laps ,but yet I don't meet too many bow-legged people...

"Letting her stand on your lap will make her have a hunch-back"
once again... I don't know any hunch backs

"swinging your baby, will make her liver white, and then-when she's a teenager she will get on your nerves."


what is your favorite tidbit of advice you've been told about your baby? 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

About Tellers..

just something I want to put out there, because I know a lot of people get frustrated with Bank Tellers

1. We Are Human.
           We make mistakes-just like you! We have feelings-just like you!!

2. We don't make the rules
           So please don't get angry with us about new rules and regulations. Most of the times we don't like them either.

3. We aren't mind readers!
           if you want 4 twenties, 2 tens, 3 fives and 5 ones, you have to tell us!

4. Count your money!
          Before you leave the bank. like I said above, we are human. We make mistakes!

5.We appreciate kindness!
          So please be kind to your bank teller! say hi, and smile. it makes a difference in our day


Spring is here! and I'm loving it.
we've had rainy days, and sunny days! I wake up in the morning, and don't know if I should wear a sweater or not :)
Mail!! love getting packages :) Thank you Gena!
we have a ton of irises, but this is the prettiest one

so pretty :)

Love this time of year!

Everything is so fresh and new!
Justin has been mowing, weed-eating and edging..he's a perfectionist when is comes to his lawn.
I've been working in the flower beds as much as I can.
Justin and his mom and dad have planted the garden too.
we doubled it in size this year.
I haven't taken any pictures yet..

We had a great Easter.
I always miss my Family. but I really missed them on Easter this year.
we always had a Sunrise Service at my home church.
I really missed that.
and I miss my Daddy's preaching!!

Kendra's Easter outfit!

she wiggles so much, I have a hard time getting a good picture

Her shoes!

I wanted a family picture... but it didn't happen.
lol my hubby avoids the camera as much as he can.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I'm terrible at blogging. I think of all kinds of things I could write about, but never do it!

So as I sit here cuddling my Kendra and waiting for my Justin to come home, I shall blog!

Confession #1

I never make our bed.

(photo courtesy of Google)

the only time our bed gets made is when someone besides us is going to sleep in it.
I recently read a statistic that said people who made their beds in the morning slept better at night.
for a split second I considered trying to make it a habit. but then I laughed.