Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Spring is here! and I'm loving it.
we've had rainy days, and sunny days! I wake up in the morning, and don't know if I should wear a sweater or not :)
Mail!! love getting packages :) Thank you Gena!
we have a ton of irises, but this is the prettiest one

so pretty :)

Love this time of year!

Everything is so fresh and new!
Justin has been mowing, weed-eating and edging..he's a perfectionist when is comes to his lawn.
I've been working in the flower beds as much as I can.
Justin and his mom and dad have planted the garden too.
we doubled it in size this year.
I haven't taken any pictures yet..

We had a great Easter.
I always miss my Family. but I really missed them on Easter this year.
we always had a Sunrise Service at my home church.
I really missed that.
and I miss my Daddy's preaching!!

Kendra's Easter outfit!

she wiggles so much, I have a hard time getting a good picture

Her shoes!

I wanted a family picture... but it didn't happen.
lol my hubby avoids the camera as much as he can.

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