Friday, September 14, 2012

25 Things I love about my Husband

In honor of Justin's 25th birthday :)

1. He makes me laugh- every day.

2. He is patient.

3. He is the best daddy to Kendra.

4. He works hard.

5. He texts me through out the day and tells me that he loves me.

6. He is level-headed when I am a hot mess.

7. When I'm running short on sleep and having a hard time getting up in the mornings- he sends me a text to wake me up.

8. He can cook/bake/grill and it is always delicious.

9. He always wears Wranglers. (I have only seen him in something besides Wranglers twice)

10. He would give the shirt off his back..

11. He reminds me to pay bills. lol

12. He is respectful.

13. He is hardheaded. (sometimes I hate that... lol)

14. He loves to fish/hunt.

15. He loves Andy Griffith.

16. He collects ball caps.

17. He builds things for me. (Kendra's crib..shelves for my kitchen..etc.)

18. He makes sacrifices for his family.

19. He eats my cooking. lol

20. He is willing to sell his truck to get a family car/truck.

21. He motivates me to be better.

22. He makes sure to faithfully kiss me when he leaves in the morning, and when he gets home at night.      

23. He puts Jesus first
24. He is my best friend.

25. He loves me.

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